4 Tips on How to turn Social Media Likes into Sales

4 Tips on How to turn Social Media Likes into Sales

We often hear organizations say something along these lines, “we are getting so many social media likes, shares and comments but we are not seeing an increase in qualified leads or sales”. The problem here is that organizations are only doing half the job, i.e. they have the first part completed by setting up social media accounts and providing great content. The problem is that when many organizations reach this stage they just sit back and wait for the sales to roll in.
Unfortunately, this is not how it works in real life, social media accounts need to be constantly worked and require a lot of time and effort to reap the rewards. Here are 4 quick tips that will help turn your social media likes into sales:

1. Engage with your social media likes audience

Thank people for liking your posts, ask them what aspects they liked and is there anything else they would like to see. Offer to setup a call or start an email conversation off the social media platform to further discuss the prospects needs and wants and how you can provide a solution for same.

2. Capture prospects details now for later conversion

According to Socialmediaexaminer.com the social media ‘liker’ may not be ready to purchase just yet, however, your organization now has an opportunity to capture their details and encourage them to sign up for your company newsletter, future promotions, case studies, etc.. As some social media leads enter the sales funnel at a very early stage you will need to develop targeted campaigns with further content that will help drive the decision making process.

3. Make buying easy

It’s most important to make buying super easy for your social media audience. Make sure that website links on your social media accounts bring the prospect directly to the purchasing page and not just your generic home page where they will have to further search for themselves. Some social media platforms will allow you to create a purchasing tab from within the platform.

4. Customer service

It is critical that you are highly responsive in a timely manner to questions and comments posted to your social media accounts. Ask satisfied customers to provide a 5 star review and be courteous and polite at all times as one bad interaction may have lasting effects.

If you would like to know more about how RML Marketing and Business Development Solutions can help your organization turn social media likes into sales contact us today.

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